3 tins of La Grama Tradición 3l- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Harvest 2018-2019

Organic extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction, this is a coupage of different varieties. The olives were harvested in November, manually and with an electric comb.

To produce the olive oil we used in veraison (when the skin of the fruit is changing colour from green to black) and ripe olives. It has a fruity balance between green and ripe, with an average intensity of bitter and pungent, aromas of tomato, pepper, grass and some notes of dried fruit. The presence of varieties like cornicabra further reinforces its stability, so it can be used in the kitchen as it can withstand high temperatures without problems. In cold it goes perfectly with almost all kinds of dishes (pasta, salad, sauces and even desserts).


1 box of 3 tins of 3l of organic extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction, coupage of different varieties. Own production, from our own olive trees and in our mill located in La Guardia (Toledo). Labeled in Spanish/English and French/Dutch. EAN code 13: 8437018052042

Olive oil of a superior category, obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means

Keep away from heat and direct light

Nutrition information for 100g

Energy, 3762kj/900kcal
Grease, 100g
Saturated fat, 15,1g
Carbohydrates, 0g
Sugars, 0g
Dietary fiber, 0g
Protein, 0g
Salt, 0g

Additional information

Weight9.150 kg
Dimensions34 × 17 × 22 cm