Restaurant, catering services and Horeca

Organic extra virgin olive oil for restaurants, catering services and horeca

The available formats are 250ml and 500ml bottles (for putting on the table) and 750ml, 3l and 5l formats for use in the kitchen. They keep the olive oil protected from light and oxygen, especially our bag-in-box.


Free shipping in the Brussels region for every type of order and in the rest of Belgium and in the border regions of France and the Netherlands over a certain quantity. The minimum order is one box (6 bottles or 3 cans or 3 Bag-in-Boxes).

We can customise the label with the logo of your restaurant, catering or hotel, and that for small quantities. Call us and we will give you more info on the design options and minimum quantity.


So that you can get to know the product in depth, we will offer you a quick olive oil tasting course. We will give you ideas to present it on the table and how to use it in your recipes. You can visit the mill or the olive grove, we will show you how we make our oil.

I want to try your olive oil and get more info.