Adopt or sponsor an olive tree

Adopt or sponsor an olive tree in La Guardia, Toledo, Spain

What is "adopting an olive tree" and how much does it cost?

You can adopt an olive tree for your family, friends, a company or yourself.... You are offering the olive tree and part of its extra virgin olive oil. An original and almost eternal present. The adoption has a duration of 1 year and you decide whether or not to renew it at the end of that period. Adopting an olive tree does not involve the transfer of ownership of the olive tree or the land on which it is located.

The olive tree will be labeled with the name you have chosen, we will send you the exact location and regularly, by email or whatsapp, information on how it is growing, including pictures. You can come and visit at any time of course and if you contact us in advance we can organise a visit to the mill. We will send you two bag-in-box of 3l of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tradición either at the moment of the adoption or whenever you want, throughout the year.

If the olive oil is sent to mainland Spain, the price, including shipping, is 70€. If sent to any other country of the European Union the price, including shipping, uses to be €85, however please contact us to confirm. Remember that it is not renewed automatically at the end of the year of adoption, we will contact you and you decide. What happens if you do not want to renew it? The olive tree will keep the label and you can come and visit it whenever you want.

I like the idea, how to do?

Read these instructions and fill out the form below, you don't have to pay anything for now

We have olive trees in three areas of La Guardia (Toledo): La Grama, Las Navas and Cerro Caracas. We will assign you the olive tree in one of the zones.

If it is a gift, please tell us the name of the person who will receive the olive tree in adoption. You can give it to a person, your family, some friends, a company, etc..

Do not forget to tell us the country where we should send the olive oil. We will contact you to provide further inof about the steps to follow.


La Grama

La Grama is the origin of the project, where our parents planted a few olive trees over 60 years ago and taking care of them gave us the idea of obtaining our own olive oil. In 2009 we started to plant our own olive trees and today we have about 17 hectares of olive grove, mainly manzanilla cacereña and cornicabra. It is located in a Natura 2000 area of special protection for great bustards.

Las Navas

Las Navas is close to the village of La Guardia, we started to plant a total of 11 hectares of olive trees towards 2013, mainly arróniz and manzanilla cacereña varieties. In the same area we inherited a small parcel of land with about 40 olive trees of about 20 years old that are already in full production.

Cerro Caracas (Olive mill)

Cerro Caracas or La Yunquera is the parcel where the mill is located and has around 4 hectares of newly planted olive grove. All the olive trees in the area were planted in 2016 and are of the arróniz variety, except for a few of manzanillo or cornicabra variety which were planted in the middle to encourage the pollination of the flowers. It is an area of very easy access, at the km. 81 of the Motorway of Andalusia.